Sunday, February 8, 2009


My children are without a doubt the largest players in my life. For their sakes, I won't call them by name, but rather refer to them throughout this blog by the nicknames that I have for them - which would probably make them cringe.

Travels are important in my family. Although my husband isn't a great traveler, my parents and children are wonderful companions. For example, my sons have gotten a trip to anyplace that Southwest Airlines flies every couple of years with their grandparents or with me. They spend a week in that location doing every sort of touristy thing we can find to do.

The ones with the * are the ones where I got to go:
My oldest son, Boo Boo, went to Chicago* (12), Seattle (14), New York City* (16), and back to Chicago (18).

My second son, Keepers, went to Chicago (11), Seattle* (12), Washington, D.C.* (14), and New York City* (16)...and we haven't decided where to go for 18, but we still have some time to plan. Any suggestions?

My youngest son, Pickle, went to Chicago (10), Mexico on a cruise (12), and couldn't make up his mind for his trip at age 14. First he thought of going to San Francisco, but then we ran out of time and his interest flagged. Now that he is almost 16, he expects a stunning trip to make up for missing that one. He is currently trying to make up his mind between Hawaii and Alaska, which is interesting because Southwest doesn't fly to either of those locations. He is an out of the box thinker.

My daughter, Princess Berly, is going on her first official trip (to Chicago) in June. She has already been on lots of family trips to Las Vegas, Sacramento, Oregon, and San Jose, but this will be the first where the trip is all about her. She is only 9, but being the youngest (and the only girl) she benefits from hearing about all the other trips.

Every trip is unique, and there is invariably some amusing event or two that makes it noteworthy and memorable. I will post the shared journal from my recent trip with Keepers to New York City in November 2008 shortly and you can read about all our shennanigans.

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